Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

It's Spring

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 02:34 am
luna_virgo: XVIII The Moon, Victoria Regina Tarot (Default)
Se Laisser

"the cities we are in love with however
as if with individuals
having a quiddity about them none can reduce to order
- Nathaniel Tarn

I hear the jazz siren song
of these rain-slick streets
smelling of garbage and booze,
festooned with stray beads,
each name with its own myth:
Royal, Bourbon, Decatur, Frenchmen.

I walk, endless walking.
So much to see and taste,
colors and music and food
and too little time to absorb
before I return to my
boring box of a life.

The secret to this city
is not to make plans.
Let it soak in and seduce you,
and go
where your feet take you.


The campus was unfinished.
A field and woods behind
the farthest dorm invited
nocturnal visits for sex or
weed-smoking or the kind of
self-absorbed stargazing that
feels important in college.
We wandered back there
to a building in progress,
just a frame so far.
He smoked a cigarette
in the dark as we leaned against
a beam, and said "I love you".
It felt right, there and then,
christening a new place.

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