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Nine of Cups

Be careful what you wish for
be it unto me according to Thy word
trouble comes on glorious wings
the Holy Ghost shall come upon thee
and it feels like truth
blessed art thou among women
and miraculous grace
thou hast found favor with God
but there is always a price
my God my God
no wish lasts forever
why hast Thou forsaken me?

A Random Sampling of Bible Quotes

Choose you this day whom ye will serve

The Lord taketh pleasure
Thus saith the Lord God
in them that fear Him
behold I have spoken
in those that hope in His mercy
in My jealousy and in My fury

So Saul died for his transgressions
if ye forsake the Lord
which he committed against the Lord
and serve strange gods
therefore He slew him
then He will turn and do you hurt

and consume you

(Joshua 24:15, 20
Psalm 147:11
Ezekiel 36:6
I Chronicles 10:13-14)

A Six and a Knight

Sunday, July 20th, 2014 06:03 am
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Six of Cups

I look back
down the spiraling stairs
I have climbed so far.
I see half-empty cups
and outgrown masks,
time wasted pouring devotion
into black holes,
people with hollow hearts
that can never be filled.
I move forward,
spiraling up like a vine
to the sun, growing.
Now I will fill my own cup.
Now I will harvest
my own fruit.

Knight of Cups

"Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man
that he didn't, didn't already have..."
- America

The grail you seek,
the missing heart,
is already there,
spinning round within,
waiting, bright as stained glass,
ready to overflow.

More cups

Thursday, July 10th, 2014 12:20 am
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Patriotism - A Right-Wing Haiku
(Five of Cups)

You. People like you.
You make us sick, so grasping,
so needy, thieving.

Why can't you take care
of your own needs at home, why
must you suck our teat,

why do you come here
with your dark skin and language
to bleed us dry? Why?

Don't you know we are
invincible? So keep back!
We will send you home

before we will share
one scrap of our wealth with you,
the land beneath us.

Falling Rock (Seven of Cups)

We drove out on the back roads
and parked by the useless gate
which stopped no one
from trespassing. We walked
around it and kept walking
down the dirt roads, left then right
then almost to the edge.
The fall is almost
impossible to see from above.
You have to know where to stop.
There are no signs.


Thursday, July 10th, 2014 12:16 am
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The slow insect crawl
of the hot days,
sweating through clothes
in the brief walk to the car.
The blessed blast of relief
from the air vent,
the freezer door opening,
the gulp from a glass
of anything with ice.
Curse the heat, but
it's still the peak
of the year, the height
of the cycle, the light.
I would gladly trade
the cold dark months
of death for this.
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First Fruits

In July the tomatoes
swell longingly
on the vines, seduced
by the sun,
flushing and expanding
to juicy readiness.

The afternoon air
resembles the peaches:
bright and sticky,
sharply sweet.
The earth is lustful
in summer.

Ears of corn
stand at attention.
Peppers elongate
and curl, beckoning.
The blackberries
play rough, studding
their tart pleasures
with thorns.
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I'm accustomed to
seeing the ocean in shades
of blue and green,
mermaid colors.
But the water
only reflects the sky,
and mermaids have their dark side.
Today the clouds thickened
and the sea turned
to quicksilver, flashing
and gleaming, hypnotic.

Two of Cups

My fingertips flow over your skin,
nails tracing patterns in your hair.

I want to immerse myself
in your warm animal scent.

I want to swim eager laps in
the briny lust of our bed.
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A Little Rhyme For You

Like a bottomless abyss
lit by one tiny spark,
the memory of your kiss
lights my way through the dark.
In my soul it lies deep,
a never-ending sound,
this secret we keep,
by which we are bound.
You are my desire.
The thought of your name
sets my heart on fire
with unquenchable flame.
But you are not mine
and I am not free.
So I sit here and pine
and write bad poetry.


Heal me with your golden love,
with your child's smile,
your deep knowing eyes,
your soft curves,
your firm grip.
Heal me with your hands,
your mouth, your mind.
Know me from inside,
say it's all right,
make me better,
make me yours.

Summer Solstice

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 01:07 am
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June in Alabama

Heavy tropical air,
lightning bugs flashing
on the shortest night.
Scent of honeysuckle, pine,
and distant rain, and the
fat white moon glowing
like a promise.

Color of Life

It's the color of change, of metamorphosis.
Wherever you see it, something is
pulsing with life, with growth, upheaval.

Verdant fields, sprouting and bearing.
Eerie storm skies, clouds like old bruises.
The Gulf teeming with seaweed and sharks.

Gilded emerald of a peacock's mating display
(like a human male flashing a wad of cash).
Verdigris of metal, earth turning to air.
Silvered pine needles smelling of rain.

My own eyes, changing reflections
with my clothes, but always some shade
of green.

More Ace of Cups

Saturday, June 21st, 2014 12:24 am
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Anahata (Ace of Cups III)

Aphrodite, born of water,
offers you a jade cup.
Will you drink?

Ace of Cups IV

I want a love
like water to swim in,
deep enough to stretch out,
calm enough to float.
Buoyant and clear,
enveloping, caressing,
washing me clean of
my dry season's dust.

My Wish For You (Ace of Cups V)

May you let go
of the myriad slights
and indignities
of your youth.
May you bloom into
fullness, your branches
heavy with sweet fruit.
May you find your song
and sing it as
no one else can.
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Sky and sea
stretching ever forward
from where I stand,
rooted in the sand.
Without this I begin
to shrink. I need
to see the infinite
horizon, feel the sun
baking and the wind
and waves stripping
the dead winter from me,
until mind body and heart
are scrubbed clean
and open like the
sea and sky.

Beach As Metaphor

The shedding of clothes,
skin revealed, oiling up,
beginning to sweat and flush.
Reclining to accept
the sun's attentions,
then diving in, riding
the rhythmic rolling waves,
the surf pounding and pounding.
Friction of water on shore,
rubbing, polishing over and over,
and the spray of salty foam
on the damp sand.

Ace of Cups

Monday, June 2nd, 2014 03:23 am
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Ace of Cups I

The tomato plant droops,
leaves yellowing, baffling
the amateur gardener.
Withholding water,
watering more, nothing works.

On the verge of giving up,
a rainstorm soaks it,
flooding the pot. It still
wilts, but miraculously
tiny tomatoes appear.

Don't be stingy with the water,
and remember how it looks
is less important than
the fruit it bears.

Ace of Cups II

The gleaming copper anklet
caught my eye, outshining
the other baubles on display.
I put it on and knew it was
for me, the tinkling copper coins
making my footsteps musical.
I wore it all day, and when I
took it off, my ankle was green.
Green as moss, as seaweed,
the bright metal returning
to its elements. It was
alarming and delightful.
Soon enough, copper will tarnish,
skin will age, even bones
will one day crumble.
But while they last, wear them
with delight, enjoying
the bright music of each step.
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Impermanence (Summer of '94)

Late in the afternoon we arrived
with a bottle of white wine.
We got high in the poolhouse,
drank and ate blackberries,
listening to the radio
and distant thunder growling.
It was a stormy summer
with kudzu thick and green
under the approaching clouds,
as we swam all too briefly
while we could.

Mortality (Janet)

Live. Live now.
Don't wait.
It could all end
in a heartbeat
in an ambulance
before you even
get to the hospital.
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I recall my mother
saying this to my stepsister
wearing a dress in Sunday school.
She was not used to dresses
or to church, and she sat
like a little boy,
legs wide, innocent.
My mother hissed,
"Don't sit with your legs open.
That's ugly."

I should explain.
Ugly means rude in the South,
which is a sin.
It also means not pretty,
also a sin.
Girls understand early.
We learn to sit right,
legs closed, ladylike.
Pretty, sweet,
smooth and molded like Barbie.
Not ugly.

Dallas 2011

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 02:53 am
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Dallas 2011

First you must understand
where I come from:
hot, green and humid, prepared
for dark funnels from the sky,
not this beautiful blinding veil.
I'd never faced this obstacle,
a moonlight-cold glaze,
slick as glass and
deceptive as a mirror.
I would not have attempted
this journey had I known it
would be an Arctic trek.
But my reluctant steps
were rewarded, each slip
of tire and foot had its prize.
Each frozen blockage conquered
revealed a new view.
And the thaw came, and I saw
and heard what I came for,
and that was the summit.
But later I realized
the best part was the climb.

Eye of the Beholder

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 02:44 am
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Eye of the Beholder

Pinup baby doll wide eyed
or half lidded open mouthed
arched back tits forward
legs coyly crossed or
brazenly spread eagle
for the male gaze
and mine I confess
I want to be you and
have you even as
I deplore the posturing
giggling jiggling act

(I always feel a little wrong about poems that I don't punctuate. Feedback is always welcome.)
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Picture the soul
as an egg.
Only by
breaking its smooth
incorruptible whiteness
can the life within
be released
to the harsh bright
waking air, cold
tingling fear & wonder.
Alive, awake,
broken but
newly whole.
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In the narrow hot gridwork
of Creole streets, in the
bead-strewn fertile crescent
of intoxication and lust,
you dance, Dionysus,
masked harlequin, painted
and bejeweled, wailing
a jazz lament for the flesh
soon to be forsaken.
Behind you stream the revelers,
maenads baring their breasts,
tossing sacrificial sweets,
gyrating to the drums
in the ritual procession.


Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 01:45 am
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Mama Bernie

"Bernie had seven sisters.
Six of 'em went to the college.
The seventh one ran off
and got married."

I went to the college, too,
decades later.
My great-grandmother asked,
whenever she saw me,
"Are you still going?"
Then she'd tell me the story
again (she was old
by this time, and forgetful).
There was always a tinge
of scandal in the telling,
but she never told the secret
of the seventh sister.

My father's grandmother
was named Henrietta,
but became known by her husband's name.
He was Papa Bernie,
she was Mama Bernie
to the grand- and great-grandchildren.
Still she ran that house.
She had the final say.
Spoil the kids and feed everybody,
but mind your manners and act right.
"Honey go back in the kitchen
and get you somethin".

Born in 1897, she died in 1990.
I was a junior at the college.
I didn't appreciate her then.
My dad told me one day I would.
She was a strong woman
who birthed strong women:
Aunt Kat, Aunt Muriel, Aunt Ann.
That personality passed on
to a whole opinionated family.
I wish I could talk to her now.
Dad was right.

Tell me again, Mama Bernie.
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Hard Freeze (Plumbing as Metaphor)

There must be fire
somewhere, hidden
inside or under,
to keep ice at bay.

There must be flow,
freely running,
dripping, wasteful,
to save the pipes.

It costs more
to be stingy
in the long run,
if the ice wins.

Dreams Half-Remembered

Something about a dock,
the water surrounding
my home, safe inside,
exposed outside,
water the means of escape.

He's leaving, my lover,
will I go with him?
Old ache, never healed,
haunting this dream.

Then my childhood home,
emptied again, moving.
Reproduced in detail
across twenty-six years.
"The house!", I said as
I took another last look
before it was gone, again.

Pain, never buried,
resurfacing at night.
New plots with old scenery
but the same endings.

Three new poems

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013 11:41 pm
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The serpent who lives in the glass,
crimson-purple and coiling
seductively, slithers and whispers
Yes. Now. More.
Here is the fruit of knowledge,
of ecstasy. Here is passion,
here is oblivion.
Drink deep.


Bird woman draw near
sing for me
of paradise

Hypnotize me
with your glimmering wings
enfold me

Let me fly
away with you
consumed by beauty

Bird woman draw near
sing for me
of paradise


The sparkling jewel surface
is not to be trusted.
An abyss waits, patiently.
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