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Thursday, August 14th, 2014 02:54 am
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I wrote this a few months ago, but it seems particularly appropriate after Robin Williams' suicide. I have dealt with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks since I was a teenager. I will probably write a (non-poetry) post on that later, but for now I will just say I have experienced being on the verge of suicide, and though I found reasons to keep going, I can't blame anyone who makes that choice to end their pain.


Spring Prayer

Give me money to throw at
malfunctioning appliances,
fortitude to mourn dead pets,
pick up broken branches,
endure cold salt air, bitter tears,
one-sided infatuations.

Dirt and rot, wet and cold,
sand and sea and wind
are also your gifts.
Teach me to repair, replace, rebuild.
Never let me forget
that green emerges from brown,
that change is always coming.

Hard as it can be,
tether me to this life,
root me in this soil so that
no matter where I roam
I will always know I cannot
escape this body until
I have wrung all the life from it.

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